As part of the “Spirit of Reform” spreading throughout Christendom, the order of Augustinian Recollects emerged during the last quarter of the sixteenth century (1588), as a movement aiming for a stricter observance of the Rule of St. Augustine.

The Augustinian Recollects initially adopted the charism of a contemplative life. However, the great demand for missionaries necessitated by the recently undertaken evangelization of the Philippines called upon them to accept missionary work. In the year 1606, the first group of Recollect missionaries reached the Philippine shores.

Mindful of the mission they had to accomplish, they spread themselves nearly all over the Philippine archipelago, and succeeded in establishing missions in regions not yet covered by other religious congregations.

In 1616, the Recollect Fathers which built a beautiful church and convent in Cavite. They remained here, spreading the light of the Gospel and promoting Christian civilization, until the outbreak of World War II. Determined to continue the work which they had begun in Cavite, the Recollect Fathers founded in   1966   the San Sebastian  College-Recoletos.

History of SSC-R de Cavite


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