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Nature of Program

  1. This program is open to students who are financially needy as reflected in their parent’s Income Tax Return (ITR) but deserve as revealed in their grades, psychological tests results and interview.
  2. A student under the program assists in the office, and laboratories of the various departments of the College with the purpose of giving him/her opportunity to land a job after graduation.
  3. The assistance given to the student is solely and principally for the benefit of the grantee.
  4. Whatever incidental benefit or service that may accrue to the school shall not be constructed as compensable work.


San Sebastian College-Recoletos de Cavite provides for scholarship designed to help financially handicapped but deserving students who would like to pursue their tertiary education and at the same time serve as apprentices in any of the school’s offices, or laboratories, or facilities.

Formerly, under the Student Assistance Program, the grantees formed themselves into the Organization of Sebastinian Student Assistants (OSSA).

In the SEAP (Secretariat of the Educational Apostolate of the Philippines) General Assembly held in September 2003, the nomenclature, READS (Recoletos Educational Assistance for Deserving Students) was used to identify the working students of Recoletos Schools throughout the Philippines, with the intention of unifying all OAR Schools.

READS is the one who extends auxiliary services to the school during his/her free time without any remuneration while he/she is currently enrolled in the college. In return for his/her auxiliary services, he/she is granted full scholarship by the school to enroll in the course offered in the college.

(046) 431-7011 loc. 729

VP for Student Welfare Office,
SA 100-E GF, St. Augustine Building

Miss Melissa B. Puti, MBA
Director of Scholarship


The OAR Seal

The Order of the Augustinian Recollect Seal which serves as the frame of the READS circular logo represents the Religious Administrators who primarily support the READS Program Scholars. This is in adherence to the desire of the organization to fully commit itself as primary workforce for the realization of the institution’s goals.

The Rope

The rope represents the discipline and teamwork being observed in the program handed over to the organization. Discipline forms character; character fosters teamwork, a value which the Sebastinian community stands for.

The Book and Flaming Pierced Heart

These are the images shared by all Augustinians which represent the motto of the Augustinian Recollects: Caritas et Scientia (Love and Learning/Wisdom). The heart is flaming and pierced with the arrow of divine love. Augustine in his spiritual writings spoke about these essential components of the human person, made in the image and likeness of God: the intellect in its search for truth, and the heart in its desire for love.

The book symbolizes the Sacred Scriptures and the teaching authority of the Church which the school strictly adheres to. The flame illustrates restlessness which, according to Saint Augustine, can be stopped only when the heart has found his rest in God.

The flaming heart represents as well the READS Program Scholar’s burning desire; imbuing to live life humbly and morally.

The READS Insignia

Represents the optimum goal of the members towards achieving academic excellence through earning a college degree. This symbolizes the SSC-R’s desire to offer the READS Scholar with the necessary knowledge, attitudes and skills to be equipped with significant skills in facing the world of employment.

The Gear

The gear represents the official obligation of the READS Program Scholars and the commitment of the service offered to the institution.

The Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue Stars

The color of each star symbolizes the year level of READS Grantees. Green for 1st year, Red for 2nd year, Yellow for 3rd year, Blue for 4th year and Orange for 5th year.

The 2006 Inscription

States the year that the READS Program was formally unified with the same program of all Recollect schools.

The READS Emblem

Represents the name of the official organization of the READS Program Scholars.

The Red Circle

Embodies the love mutually shared by its members and the border of limitations upon the order of the Religious Administrators.

The Outer White Circle

Symbolizes the continual and never-ending support for one another, common bonding, unity and harmonious camaraderie towards one another.

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