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SSC-R de Cavite’s International Benchmarking and Book Selection in Singapore

On August 10 – 15, 2014, nine college administrators (4 religious and 5 lay administrators) and one (1) lay personnel flew to Singapore for a 5-day book selection and benchmarking to selected universities in Singapore.

The Team visited and selected books and other reference materials in the following publishers’ showrooms and warehouses: (1) Elsevier Science; (2) Cengage Publishing; (3) Sage; (4) Taylor & Francis; (5) Cambridge University Press; and (6) Wiley.

On the third and the fourth day of the visit, the Team has benchmarked with three prestigious universities in Singapore

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Classrooms Equipped with LED TVs

In an attempt of improving students’ learning experience, the STV Libraries has apportioned a considerable amount of its Instructional Media Center’s budget for acquisition of 58 units of 50” LED televisions for classroom use.  These LED TVs will be permanently installed in all classrooms in both Main and Cañacao campuses.  

Singapore, namely:  (1) Singapore Management University; (2) Nanyang Technological University; and (3) National University of Singapore.

Indeed, these universities are the top performing educational institutions in the ASEAN Region of which SSC-R de Cavite would look up to in improving its organizational performance and on how the institution can maintain its competitive advantage in this part of the country.  

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