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The course covers an examination of the history, philosophy and objectives of imprisonment and the development of prisons. A study of institutional agencies in the Philippines, to include BJMP which oversees city and municipal jails; provincial jails and the Bureau of Corrections and their institutions in terms of their structures, management, standards, programs and services. A critical analysis of the laws creating these agencies to determine areas for possible improvement.


The course focuses on Presidential Decree 968, other-wise known as the “Probation Law of 1976 as Amend-ed”, establishing a probation system in the Philippines, its historical background, philosophy, concepts and operation as a new correctional system, investigation, selection and condition of probation, distinction between incarceration, parole, probation and other forms of executive clemency, total involvement of probation in the administration of the Criminal Justice System. This course also treats the study of Act 4103, as amended otherwise known as the “Indeterminate Sentence Law” that created the Board of Pardons and Parole, system of releasing and recognizance, execution, clemency and pardon.


The course covers the concepts and principles of Criminal Investigation including the modern technique in Crime Detection and Investigation. This also includes modern techniques in processing the crime scene involving murder, homicide, rape and robbery, etc. It also aims to study the concepts and general principles of arrest, searches and seizure, and the rights of the accused during custodial investigation.

Course Description

Bachelor of Science in Criminology

The BS Criminology program aims to:

  • Foster the values of leadership, integrity, accountability and responsibility while serving their fellowmen, community and country;
  • Prepare the students for careers in crime prevention, law enforcement, scientific crime detection and correctional administration;
  • Encourage research and inquiry on the nature, causes treatment or punishment of criminal behavior.

The mission of the Department of Criminology is to provide for the local, national and international leadership on critical issues related to crime and society’s response to crimes. In doing so, the work of the department is centered on concerns that cut across many disciplines and present problems that are vital to the public interest and at the core of democratic institutions. The department’s research and teaching focus on the causes, prevention and control of crime, and the administration of a fair and efficient system of justice.

  • Police Officer
  • Fire Officer
  • Chief Warden/Jail Officer
  • Private Detective
  • Custom Police
  • NBI Agent
  • Chief Security Officer
  • Intelligence Officer

Career Opportunities

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Mr. Felipe R. Costuna Jr., RCrim, MSCrim
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College of Criminal Justice Education