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Main Campus
Manila-Cavite Road, Sta. Cruz, 4100, Cavite City Philippines
Phone: (046) 431-0861
Fax: (046) 431-1461

Cañacao Campus
Padre Burgos St., Bo. Rosario, San Roque, 4100, Cavite City Philippines
Phone: 504-1810-13 / 431-8087
Fax: 504-1810-13 loc. 515


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  • Proficient to take up Tertiary level courses, academically prepared, physically fit, and with adequate emotional and social training.
  • Primed for further development, endowed with intellectual curiosity, and capable of some degree of analytical and logical thinking.
  • Aware of their potentials, interests, skills and attitudes equipped with the needed self-acknowledge to help them choose appropriate courses.
  • Catholic Christian in outlook, imbued with traditional values of the Christian Filipino that will serve as their guiding principles through college and through life.

In view of this guiding philosophy, San Sebastian College-Recoletos de Cavite, Inc. strives to attain its general aim of providing QUALITY CHRISTIAN EDUCATION.      

In accordance with this aim and the desire to contribute to the Philippine society personally developed, professionally trained men and women and responsible citizenry, SSC-R de Cavite has set the following goals:

  • To instill knowledge, attitudes, and habits that will contribute to making the student a man of his time: Filipino Asian, enlightened and articulate, conscious of the dimensions and needs of a developing country’s aspirations for social justice, equality, fair share in economic welfare and self-determination.
  • To provide the youth with the opportunity to pursue the line of endeavor best suited to their capabilities and goals by offering various programs and fields of specialization.
  • To strive to make the student an educated Christian committed to God in the service of his fellowmen.
  • To produce spiritually developed and morally sensible men who see God as the fountainhead of all moral obligations and whose hierarchy of values is consistent with Christian principles of life.
  • To produce a refined Filipino molded in the authentic tradition and values of our people, together with an indispensable background in the humanities and the sciences provided by a truly liberal education.

Junior High School Department

(046) 504-1812 loc. 529

Mr. Edwin H. Expectacion
Assistant Principal,
Basic Education Department

(046) 504-1812 loc. 512

Mrs. Cristina M. Aliwalas, MEM
Principal, Basic Education Department