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Control Services

Service Description

This service unit is located near the entrance where patrons have to present their duly validated/activated  library access card upon entry.  Takes charges in keeping items deposited in the counter and issues number tag to library patrons for claiming the items and inspect materials borrowed, upon exit.

Control Procedure

a. Present properly your recently validated school ID upon entering the library.

b. Library patrons are required to deposit their bags, attaché cases, envelopes, folders, etc. at the Control Desk and must get a number tag for claiming the items.

c. Present library access card at various counters every time library materials are borrowed.

d. Upon exit, present the book/s materials’ borrowed for inspection.

Library Zoning Policy

In order to support a wide range of activities inside the Main Library like independent research, collaborative study, quiet or silent study, the STV Libraries has designated zones for specific activities:   

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