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General Rules

1. The library is mainly for research. Eating, smoking, sleeping, making visual aids and doing industrial works are not allowed.

2.  Silence must be observed strictly at all times. Idle conversation, loud talking and boisterous laughter are prohibited. Cellular phones, beepers, etc. should be switch-off/in silent mode while inside the library.

3. Use library materials properly. Do not tear pages nor underline parts, as these are forms of vandalism and are punishable under the SSC-R de Cavite Policy.

4. Chairs must be pushed back against the table after using and must not be transferred from one place to another.

5. Do not leave personal belongings unattended. The library is not responsible for items that are lost or stolen.

6. Keep the library clean. Waste paper, scraps, trash and the like should be properly deposited in the trashcan provided.

7. Newspapers, magazines and journals should be read inside the library and not to be brought outside, except for classroom use (with relevance to the lesson only). These must be returned after the class.

8. After reading, please deposit the materials in the book cart provided or return the materials checked-out at the Circulation Counter.

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