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Multimedia Services

Service Description

The multimedia services of the Library include the following— instructional/audiovisual center services and Internet services. Inquiries on facility usage and availability should be directed to the Instructional Media Center and Internet/CD-ROM Station staff.

Instructional Media/Audiovisual Services

The Instructional Media/Audiovisual Center provides a wide range of audiovisual resources, equipment and services to enhance the quality of teaching and learning activities of the students.

The Center offers the following services: resources, equipment and facilities reservation services; classroom/AVR services; acquisition of audiovisual materials; repair and maintenance of IMC/AVR resources and equipment; sound system operation; and, conduct training on the use of AV equipment.

Internet / CD-ROM Access Services

Aside from print resources, the Library also provides access to materials in electronic or digital format including materials that can be accessed through the Internet. This service is available at the Main, High School and Grade school libraries.

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