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The members of the Library Advisory Council serve in an advisory capacity to the Director of Libraries on matters pertaining to library development.  The members of the Advisory Council will also act as supporters, promoters, and advocates for the library, providing information about emerging technologies and provide advice pertaining to collection development and utilization of library materials.


The Advisory Council is one of the standing committee of the institution and its members are appointed by the College President upon the recommendation of the VP for Academics.  The Advisory Council shall:


The Advisory Council is composed of representatives from each academic department, preferably the dean of each college, the grade/high school principal, representative from the faculty, academic non-teaching faculty, non-teaching personnel, student councils and alumni.

The Advisory Council members shall act in advisory capacity without administrative duties or powers to the Director of Libraries.

Library Working Groups

However, within the Library Advisory Council, the following Working Groups are formed and shall focus on specific functions:

The Departmental Resource Consultants/Liaison Librarians

The Resource Consultants/Liaison Librarians serve as the Library’s primary contacts for specific academic department.  They are responsible for providing a variety of library services, programs, and outreach to the academic community.  They shall participates actively in the academic activities and at the same time, the resource Consultants are expected to be fulkly knowledgeable about library products and services so as to represent these effectively to the liaison constituents and shall be involved in curriculum development.


The Council shall hold general meetings twice a year.  The Chair may call occasional special meetings to discuss important Council business.

Terms of Office

The Advisory Council members shall serve for one-year, renewable terms.  The terms of office begins on June 1 until may of the following year.

Library Advisory Council

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